Contribution to Melissa Etheridge

This is Tanja and I. We live in Denmark in the countryside between fields and forest. We are a long term relationship. We have been together since 4. july 1987. Legally married since 13. march 1997. We live with 16. years age gab between us. It has never been a problem for us. Tanja is oldest, born 1946.

    Together our strong force is our ability to let each

other be who we are. It brings accept, respect, love and confidence. And it gives room for  selfrealization. Together we seek knowledge and wisdom. We know, if we as humans help each other, we can do the impossible together. To us a stranger is a friend we just haven’t met.

    Melissa Etheridge appeared in our life March 2010, when Tanja showed me Janis Joblin Tribute and the amazing performance; Piece of my Heart at YouTube. Thank you Melissa for your music, love and insight. We are extremely inspired by your work and can barely keep up with all our inspiration.

    With “Contribution to Melissa” I want to spread love, light and understanding. I write articles about anything that moves me inspired by the spiritual book “Toward the Light – a message to mankind from the transcendental world” edited by Michael Agerskov 1920.

    This is our contribution to Melissa, the M.E.I.N community and the movement BE STRONG - SPEAK TRUE - SPREAD THE PEACE, which we both want to be a part of. This is our start. Hope you welcome it and enjoy it.

Bodil Kreativ Jørgensen

Tanja and Bodil

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