Ice Horses


Since childhood I have been committed to horses. In 1995 I was in a traffic accident and to get well Tanja told me we had to have these Icelandic Horses I always talked about. These horses “saved” me, made me have something that kept me go on during a tough time. And we have had horses ever since.

    The Icelandic Horse is a small five gaited horse with a good will. It comes from Iceland the land of fire and ice and this is the strengt of our horses. It is a great horse in a body of a pony. Icelandic horses have all kinds of colours, a thick fur in the winter and a lots of mane and tail.

    As no horses have been imported to Iceland for 1000 years, the Icelandic Horse is a pure bread viking horse. Islandic Horses has a closed studbook to protect the race, and very difficult selections for stallions in order to protect the gaites, will, strength and rideability.

Bodil  Kreativ Jørgensen


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