To ride with hand horses I must have a really cool and stabel horse to ride on. And I have been lucky to have had two ones; my first horse Mysla and my second horse, her daughter, Silkesiv. And I hope the best for the granddaughter Visna. I love doing this, it is fun.

I start the training as a handhorse before the foal is 10 days old. I tie the foal to her mother as people have done in generations with workhorses. It is the most careful way to do it, it gives less fighting, and if the foal gets frightened it will seek the comfort of her mother and she is right there.

    The next step is to pull the horse and letting the foal follow her. With a grown up person behind the foal pushing gently once in a while, the foal will easily learn to follow the mare. When the foal has learned the lesson few days after, there is nothing more to do. Then you can take the young horse out, from her first year, whenever you like, with respect for her age, and let her go with the grown ups for fun. And without breaking your fingers or having the strength as a huge guy. Here I tie the young horse too another reliable horse. Never tie a horse to yourself or your own horse, it can be dangerours. You do need to have strong gear, that won’t break if the young horse freak out.

Bodil Kreativ Jørgensen

Hand horse riding

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