I really treasure making leather handcraft. It has been my hobby since youth. But 15 years ago I started leather carving. Ever since my handcraft has taken a new trail, carving and stamping pictures with horses and viking art.

When I first saw Melissa Etheridge wearing leather bracelets I remembered, that I actually loved leather bracelets myself and that I for long had thought about making some. So I followed my inspiration and soon one bracelet became many. Every bracelet made as a unique piece of art, made with rivets, carvings or both. All kinds of experiments. Bracelets that will take between 2 and 6 hours to make, according to the design.


Hand Crafted Bracelets

To show my things I made this page with photos of each handmade bracelet, some already privately owned.

But as I'm not good at selling things my bracelets keep piling up. With this page I hope my bracelets will find their way to the persons they belong. Anyone can contact me if you fancy one. To measure size watch the last picture.

But be aware, this page is not a regular sales page. It's a page of love for my handcraft. And love isn't easy to sell. So the price will find it's way with love....

Bodil Kreativ Jørgensen

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