Dear Fans and Friends

This idea originates from the former Melissa Etheridge Fan Forum, where I kept a thread from January 2011 until February 2013, uploading all kinds of Cover Art, designed for our non-autorized mp3-files and collections originating from various concerts, interviews and events with Melissa Etheridge. Titles and albums refer to mp3 files that could be  downloaded from the “Melissa Etheridge mp3 Thread” that thankfully Nybabe58 kept going or created from YouTube.

    Cover Flow needs Cover Art and I created this collection to keep my iTunes pretty and manageable. And with the new iTunes 11 it is more needed than ever.

Sharing Cover Art

To still keep all those covers possible for download, they are now moved to my homepage Contribution to Melissa Etheridge. My covers have improved at lot since the first ones created, they will appear in opposite order, the last ones first.

      To download click on the picture, press the word hent in the topline above the pictures, Hent means fetch/download in danish. A window with the picture will appear, drag the picture to your desktop.

           I wish you good luck downloading and sharing.

Bodil Kreativ Jørgensen

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